Diehl Series 884: Setting Instructions
Set Time and Day     Slide Set switch to press 1....7 button until arrow points to the correct day (1=Monday). Press h then m buttons to set correct time. PM indicator shows noon to 11:59 PM. Slide Set switch to Run. Clock colon will blink.
Set Switch “On” Cycle    

Slide Set switch to p . A "1" indicates the first switch cycle and a "Bulb" indicates a switch-on (circuit closes). Press 1.....7 button until arrows point to selected day(s) for this cycle. Press h and m buttons to show switch-on time, noting PM indicator.

Set Switch “Off” Cycle     With Set switch at P, press P button, note switch cycle number changes to "2" and bulb blanks, indicating switch-off (circuit opens). Press1....7 button to match day(s) set for switch cycle "1". Press h and m buttons to select switch-off time.
Autorun     Slide Set switch to Run and Mode switch to Auto, switching begins with next switch-on set time.
Override “On”     Slide Mode switch to I. Switch remains on indefinitely (circuit closed).
Override “Off”     Slide Mode switch to O. Switch remains off indefinitely (circuit open).
Skip Cycle    

In automatic run mode, press X--> button. The next calendar day is skipped.

Setting ERROR    

If EEE appears, a setting error exists. The switch cycle number in error is shown. Slide set switch to P, press P button until cycle is shown, review this and the following setting to correct error, slide set switch to Run.

Clear any setting    

Setting slide set switch to P, press P button to show switch cycle to clear. Press the (P) button and the skip (x) button simultaneously.

Clear All     To erase all settings, press R.